Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cherry Blossoms on Honmoku Sancho Park, Honmoku, Yokohama

Hello, I am Shinya Ota, a registered tour guide living in Yokohama, Japan.

It's the 2nd rainy day this week. It makes me feel a bit depressed to walk to work in a cold rain if it is in other seasons. But I feel better walking looking cherry blossoms to begin to bloom.

I walked to Honmoku Sancho Park near Mycal Honmoku shopping center last weekend. The park expands on the hill of Honmoku for 170,000m2. The area used to be a housing area for the US.Naval officers and their families and it was transformed as a Park after the Navy returned it to Japan. There are many varieties of trees are planted in the park. Neighbors come to the park for walking and jogging throughout the year. In a clear sunny day, you can see the Boso Peninsula across the Tokyo bay. Visitors from other towns come especially in this season to spend weekends viewing Cherry blossoms, bringing lunch.

Speaking of Cherry blossoms, Somei Yoshino, cherry blossoms of a white pinkish flower come into our mind. However,you can see cherry blossoms of a reddish flower here,too. They are called Kanhi Sakura and start to bloom before Somei Yoshino. They are now in bloom. If you are lucky, you can see both Somei Yoshino and Kanhi Sakura this weekend. There is Sankeien Garden near here. It is just 10 minute-walk. From here, it is possible to walk to Negishi Shinrin Park, another cherry blossoms viewing place.(It would be 40 to 50 minutes walk.) Honmoku street will be painted pinkish by the blossoms. It would be nice to walk along the street on your way home after spending on the park. There is Movix Honmoku, a cinema complex. It may be another choice to walk the street or the park after watching a movie. ("Sherlock Homes" and "The blind side" are on show.)

Honmoku Sancho Park (Honmoku Hilltop Park)
Honmoku Wadayama, Naka-ku, Yokohama
Access:From JR.Ishikawa cho station(Motomachi Exit)
15 minutes by bus #105,#106
From Motomachi Chukagai station(Exit #1)
15 minutes by bus #8, #58
both getting off at Honmoku Wadayamaguchi
(in front of Mycal Honmoku) 5 minutes walk

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